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About Kelly


Hi! I'm Kelly.

Nice to (virtually) meet you! Here are some of the basics about me:

My name is Kelly (she/her), and I’m a dedicated Registered Psychotherapist with a passion for fostering emotional growth and well-being through a friendly and non-judgemental approach. Over the past few years, I’ve had the privilege of walking alongside my clients on their unique journeys of self-discovery and healing, and I’d love to get the opportunity to take those steps with you.


You may be experiencing a mix of feelings: overwhelmed, stressed out, adrift, unseen, unheard, alone, stuck, frustrated, icky - the list may go on! Hopefully, we can come together and sort through some of these pieces. From our first meetings, you’ll notice that my approach is built on a foundation of warmth, empathy, and understanding. I firmly believe that you are the expert on your life and that the work we do together is collaborative. I’m committed to creating a safer space where you feel like you can express yourself and feel truly heard and seen. My goal is to have sessions feel like a welcoming conversation where you can share your thoughts and emotions so that you can explore them without fear of judgment.


I recognize that everyone’s story is unique, so I place great emphasis on remaining curious and actively listening. That way, we can gain clarity on what has been working well for you, what areas may have room to change, and any potentially important patterns in your life. Your experiences matter, and my role is to try to understand them further as a part of your big picture.


I want to create an environment that supports learning about the ways you may manage (or not manage!) feelings of distress, celebrating your wins, and uncovering your inner strengths and resources. I believe a warm and compassionate environment coupled with an approach where you feel seen and understood can be a powerful catalyst for change. If you’re seeking a therapist who is an active part of your sessions but also brings a heart full of empathy to the table, I’m here to support you on the path to wellness!

Image by micheile dot com

The Space

Curious about what my office looks like? Take a peek!

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