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Insurance Coverage

Insurance Coverage

Some clients have an extended health insurance policy/coverage that may provide reimbursement or coverage for mental health services such as psychotherapy. If you're planning on using your benefits to pay for your therapy sessions, it's important that you evaluate what your insurance provider will cover prior to receiving services to become familiar with the resources you have available to use.

Direct Billing

If your insurance plan includes coverage for psychotherapy, you can still absolutely self-submit with the receipts I provide, however, direct billing services/portals such as TelusHealth eClaims (which covers insurance providers such as Canada Life, Manulife, and many others) and SunLife/Lumino Health do not allow for Registered Psychotherapists to perform direct billing in Ontario at this time - meaning I cannot perform direct billing for you at this time! Instead, you must pay for your session at the time of your appointment and seek reimbursement through self-submitting to your insurance provider. 

What should I look for/ask about when I contact my Insurance Provider?

Please ensure that you insurance provider or benefits plan specifically covers "Psychotherapy" services and/or "Registered Psychotherapists". Please note that my services are NOT covered under "psychology" or "social work".

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